Fire systems installed, serviced and maintained to provide you with peace of mind that your people and assets are protected.

Protection of your building, people, assets and information is one of your most important responsibilities. Early detection of fire is critical to allow maximum time for response and possible evacuation.

Our expert advice and quality systems will ensure this protection and that you get value for money. Our designers have many years’ experience and will discuss all your options to suit your needs.

We will provide a system specifically designed for you, this may be an entirely new system or an upgrade/replacement of an existing system.

Fire sprinklers
Automatic Sprinkler Systems

Our Team can Provide:

  • Expert advice from our designers with many years of experience
  • A system specifically designed for you
  • Full installation of new systems
  • Upgrade of existing systems
  • Maintenance and servicing of existing systems
  • Building WOF inspections

All work is completed to a high quality level which conforms to the Australian and New Zealand standards. We work closely with councils to ensure compliance with the Act and local regulations.

NPE-Tech is able to respond quickly and efficiently regardless of how big or small the job may be.

Ready to get started?

We offer Fire System Solutions to the New Plymouth region and would relish being part of your next project. Contact us today.